Founded April 24, 1868 as the Evangelical Lutheran Church of the Augsburg Confession
    1868 Reverend P. Renz, from St. Paul in North Tonawanda helped 15 families organize; they met in a room on Niagara St.
    1887 moved to Morgan & William Sts., Tonawanda.
    1890 members from Immanuel founded a sister congregation, St. Matthew Lutheran in North Tonawanda.
    1934 dedication of our present facility at the corner of William and Scott Streets.
    1937 landmark neon cross in memory of Justine Schrieber.
    1953 name changed to Immanuel Lutheran Church, Tonawanda, NY.
    1965 nearby homes purchased to construct a parking lot.
    2012 dedication of “Lamb of God” altar constructed by Dave Wolgast.
List of Pastors
        Edward Feshkens, interim
        Andrew J. Abraham, 2011 to 2016, Nashville, TN
        Mark Aurenhamer, interim
        Keith Blom, 2005-2010, Tunkhannock, PA
        David Belasic, interim
        Robert L. Rickus, 1975-2003, Salisbury, MO
        Paul Czmanske, 1964-1975, Columbus, MO
        Frank Schwarts, interim
        Theodore Schroeder, 1941-1963
        Frederick Otto Scholz, 1899-1943
        J. W. Gram, Boston, 1877
       J Frese, 1873
       C. Oestermeyer, 1871,  Van Werth, OH
       Herman Krebs, 1869,  Accident, MD